O.S. SPEED B21 Ronda Drake Pink Edition


O.S. SPEED B21 Ronda Drake Pink Edition

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O.S.SPEED B21 Ronda Drake (Pink) Edition 3.5cc Buggy Engine

In addition to the O.S.SPEED B21 Adam Drake edition 2, we are proudly releasing O.S.SPEED B21 Ronda Drake edition featuring a pink cooling head and pink carburetor restrictors, which are her image color. Ronda Drake is the wife of Adam Drake, and she is also a racer. Now we have two different colors in the same specifications; bore x stroke 16.4 x 16.55mm, the double-counter weight embedded crankshaft with DLC hard coating, a ceramic rear ball bearing, an o-ringed inner head, and an easy adjustable ball link.


  • Difference vs ADII: Pink cooling head and pink carburetor restrictors
  • Bore x stroke 16.4 x 16.55mm – which is the maximum in the IFMAR regulations
  • A double-tungsten counter weight crankshaft with DLC hard coating and silicone filler
  • An o-ringed inner head, which absorbs vibration and prevents dust coming into the combustion chamber
  • 6.5mm and 7.0mm carburetor restrictors (pink)
  • O.S.SPEED P3 GOLD glow plug is standard accessory, which has more powerful low-middle range and stable idling compare to standard P3 glow plug


  • Displacement: 3.49cc
  • Bore: 16.4mm
  • Stroke: 16.55mm
  • Output: 2.61 hp @ 34.000RPM
  • Practical RPM Range: 4.000-42.000
  • Weight: 362g